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How Do I Check My Facebook Email Address?

Facebook offers a multitude of social networking features designed to help you keep in touch with friends and family. One of these features is an integrated email service, which is created automatically when you sign up for a Facebook profile. However, since there is no dedicated email tab on the site, inexperienced users may aptly wonder, "How do I set up and check my Facebook email?" Conveniently, using the integrated email service is as easy as checking your Facebook messages.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Email

When you create a Facebook profile, an email address with the extension @facebook is automatically created for you. You are also given the option of creating a unique username for your email address. The username you choose will appear in front of the @facebook extension: For example, if you chose the username "John.Adams" your Facebook email address would automatically be set as "john.adams@facebook.com".

To choose a unique username, sign into your Facebook account. Then, click the gear icon located at the top right corner of the page. A dropdown menu will appear. Select "Account Settings" from this menu and you will be redirected to a page that displays your general settings. Next, click the "Edit" button next to the "Username" option. Then simply type a unique username and click save. In addition to being your email handle, the username you select is automatically used as your profile URL: For example, "facebook.com/john.adams".

Note that Facebook usernames must be unique; therefore the system will not accept your username if another member has already chosen it. Also note that you are only allowed to change your username once, so choose carefully.

How to Send and Receive Messages with Your Facebook Email

Facebook's email service can be used with any traditional email service. For example, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail users can send messages to your Facebook address without even having a profile.

To receive messages, simply give your Facebook address to people you want to communicate with. When someone sends you an email, it will be automatically delivered to your Facebook Message Center. Then, to access emails, click the message icon located at the upper left corner of your homepage. External emails will appear along with messages exchanged between other Facebook users.

To send messages from your Facebook email address, simply navigate to the Facebook Message Center. Notice the recipient field labeled "To:". This is where you would ordinarily type a Facebook user's name to send him or her a message. Instead, type an external email address into this field, and then compose your message. When you click send, the message will be delivered to the external email address with your unique Facebook email listed as the sender.

Other Features Included in the Facebook Email Service

When you send messages to external addresses using your Facebook email, it is automatically formatted to look like a Facebook message. This means your email will have same appearance as messages exchanged between other Facebook users.

Additionally, Facebook automatically includes your name and profile picture at the top of the email. Keep this fact in mind when sending external emails from your Facebook address, as you may not want to include your full name and picture to certain recipients.

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