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How to Find Gmail SMTP Server

Known to be the most popular emailing system in existence today, Gmail for nearly a decade has managed to beat the competition by a stick and a half with its long list of features. But when it comes to using free features like SMTP, there's still a lot that users have to learn and understand to make the most of the free services offered by Gmail. And even though most people prefer using their on-board SMTP server to send and receive email's, little might they realize the potential of executing their everyday emailing tasks with the help of Gmail's free SMTP server. Which is why, to enhance your emailing experience and improve your overall virtual security, here's a brief tutorial on how to find Gmail SMTP server and how to use it to make your emails a little more secure.

Why Gmail SMTP server?

When you sync your on-board mailing system with your Gmail SMTP server, Gmail stores and index all emails sent and received by you which allow you to keep a backed up copy of your sent and received email for security. And because your Gmail SMTP sever has no use of Port 25, you can rest assure that none of your mails will be marked or flagged as spam by your ISP provider. Or at least reduce your chances of being blocked or marked as spam.

Accessing SMTP on Gmail

Accessing your SMTP server on you Gmail account might not be as complicated as you think and requires only a few simple steps for you to follow. To access your SMTP server on Gmail, all that you need to do is:

1. Open your preferred web browser

2. Type in http://www.gmail.com

3. Enter your User ID and Password

4. Allow your account to load completely

5. Click on the Gear icon located on the right of the screen below your picture

6. Click on 'Settings'

7. Click on the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab

8. Access to your SMTP Server area.

Once you have access to your Gmail SMTP area, simply apply the settings as per your preference and click OK. It is always best that you choose IMAP over POP as it is a two way mailing server and gives you real time update on your emails. And in case if you get stuck on how to set up your SMTP server for POP or IMAP, click on 'Configuration Instructions' and follow prompts as required.

Setting up SMTP on Mailing Client (Outlook)

After you have configured your POP/IMAP settings on Gmail, the next step for you would be to configure your Mailing client. And to configure your mailing client, all you need to do is:

To Send / Receive Emails on Microsoft Outlook 2007

1. Open MS Outlook 2007

2. Click on Tools from the toolbar

3. Click on 'Options'

4. Click on 'Mail Setup' Tab

5. Click on 'Email Accounts'

6. Click on 'New'

7. Click on 'Configure Manually'

8. For account type choose IMAP

9. For Incoming Mail Server type in : imap.gmail.com

10. For Outgoing Mail Server type in : smtp.gmail.com

11. Enter your Username@gmail.com and Password

13. Click on 'More Settings'

14. Click on 'Advanced' tab

15. Change Incoming Server (IMAP) to 993 and Outgoing Server to (SMPT) 465 or 587

16. Change Encryption type to SSL

17. Click OK

For receiving mails older version of Outlook and other mailing clients

1. Open your preferred mailing client such as Outlook or Thunderbird

2. Click on 'Tools' from the Toolbar located at the top

3. Click on Account and Email Account

4. Click on Add

5. Change Incoming Server to imap.gmail.com

6. Port to 993

7. SSL to Yes

For sending mails older version of Outlook and other mailing clients

1. Under Outgoing mail, Set SMTP server to smtp.gmail.com

2. Enter your Username@gmail.com and Password

3. Enter port number 465 or 587

4. Check TSL under secure connection

6. Click OK

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