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How to Login to Google Email Account

When Google first made neighborhood headlines almost two decades ago, few people would have imagined that it would be running the show in the technology industry. Its line of amazing products include the much loved Google search engine, Google plus and Android to name just but a few. Gmail is also another award winning product from Google. It not only helps you to send and receive emails, it also has powerful tools to help you manage your emails effectively and its totally free. Below are some of the ways on how to login to Google email account.

How to Login on a Mac or PC

Method 1: Using a Web Browser i.e Firefox or Safari

Signing In to a Google email account on a Mac or PC using a web browser is as easy as it can get. Here are all the steps you need to login to a Google email account on a PC or a Mac.

Method 1: How to Login using the Direct Method

Step 1
Open your web browser and on the address bar, enter this address (mail.google.com or www.gmail.com). Either one should take you to the Google's email account Login page.

Step 2
On the page that appears, enter your Google email username followed by your password. Next, click Sign in. Simple, isn't it?

Method 2: How to Login using the Google Accounts Page

Step 1
Open your web browser and on the address bar, key in the following address (accounts.google.com/Login) and hit enter.

Step 2
On the page that appears, key in your Google username and password. Done? Now hit the Sign In button.

Step 3
Wondering what to do next? The page in front of you is actually the Google accounts settings page whereby you can Login in to various Google accounts such as Youtube, Google Plus and many more. However, we are interested in the Gmail account. Move your cursor over the right section of the page and click on the grid icon. On the list that appears click on the Gmail app. Excellent, this should take you to your emails.

How to Login on a Tablet or Smartphone

Method 1: On an Android Smartphone or Tablet

It's amazing how the Android has evolved in such a short time into the world's most sort after mobile phone and tablet OS. While some may argue that it is due to the fact that Android is a brain child of Google, it's success is actually due to the fact that it is relatively easy to use and packs tons and tons of applications most of which are free. Another great thing about Android is the fact that you have three routes to login to your Google email account namely through the phone's or tablet's web browser, Gmail app and finally IMAP.

Step 1:
Open the apps grid/ app menu and tap on the Gmail app to open it.

Step 2:
Once it is opened, scroll down to the settings menu and head over to the Accounts and Sync Settings.

Step 3:
If you have an account already set up, tap on it and Login in using your details. However, if you don't have an account, tap on the Create Account to set up a new account. Once you have done all this, you will no longer have to follow all this steps to access your mails. Simply click on the Gmail app and you will be good to go.

Method 2: On a Windows Phone

Step 1
Open your phone's browser and enter the Google email address (www.mail.google.com or www.gmail.com).

Step 2
On the page that appears, enter your Login details and tap the Sign In button. Done!

Method 3: On an iOS Device i.e iPad or iPhone

In iOS, you can either Login to your Google's email account via your phone or tablet's web browser. Simply follow the steps provide on the how to Login to Google Email on a Windows phone section. Alternatively, here is how to do it via adding a Google account.

Step 1
Head over to your apps and tap on the Settings icon.

Step 2
Once it is open, tap on the Mail, Contacts and Calendars and tap on Account.

Step 3
On the Accounts section, tap Add Account followed by your Google username and password. Finally click save. This should allow you to access your Google emails via the iPhone or iPad mail app.

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