Hotmail SMTP Server

How to Find Hotmail SMTP Server

The SMTP acronym stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it is used to identify your outgoing email server. You don't need this information to access your Hotmail account using the web-mail client provided by Microsoft at outlook.com, but you will need it to configure your email account in any external email client or device such as Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Entourage, Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad, Android, or any other.

You should also know that Hotmail, founded in 1996, changed its name to Outlook.com, featuring new services beyond free email, such as integration with Skype and Microsoft's Calendar. The interface at Outlook.com follows the same design and user interface philosophy than Windows 7 and 8, the Metro design language. Whether you have a hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com or any other kind of email account provided by Microsoft -including their new ones at Outlook.com ones-, your SMTP Server details are exactly the same.

To be specific, your SMTP server should be smtp.live.com , and you should configure it to use the port 25 or 465. Your SMTP ID and Password are the same ones you use to access your Microsoft email account.

If you experience any problem setting your SMPT server up, need further details about your email account, or want to find out how to configure your email account using different email clients, such as Thunderbird, Outlook Express or Entourage, please sign in to your Microsoft e-mail at outlook.com. After successfully signing in, you should click the "Options" menu. Then, click "See All Options", followed by "Account" and "My Account". To end with, select "Settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP access", there you will find three sections names " POP settings", "IMAP settings" and "SMTP settings". To end with, in each one of these screens you will find an option called "Protocol Settings", where you will find your IMAP4, POP3 and, most importantly, your SMTP server name and settings.

If you are still experiencing problems after trying the method listed above, it is advisable to the visit the Microsoft official help website: http://help.outlook.com/en-us/140/cc875899.aspx . In that support website you will find step by step instructions on how to configure your Microsoft email address in any email client and operating system, including how to find and configure your SMTP Server details.

Please note that there is a video explaining the whole process, located right below the section called "How do I find the server settings?". That video, less than two minutes long, provides a quick introduction to the topic, and shows you how to navigate the outlook.com website to find the information you are looking for. That's specially useful if you are not yet familiar with Outlook.com's new Metro design.

Unfortunately Microsoft does not provide any easy way to revert back to the classic Hotmail.com design, although you can learn how to change some configuration settings to make the new webclient more similar to the classic view of hotmail.com. In any case, by that time you must have already found your Hotmail SMTP Server configuration settings, and therefore be able to use your email account with the email client of your own preference. There are thousands available in the market, both free and commercial ones. You will definitely be able to find one aesthetically pleasant and easy to use, the choice is yours.

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