How to Check Email

How to Check Email?

Are you amongst the millions of email users who become easily overwhelmed by the amount of emails you receive every day? If you're not careful email can take over your entire day. Having an inbox that receives all types of mail can be quite annoying and downright time consuming to sort through. With businesses, blogs, and other organizations using email marketing to reach millions of consumers you can't seem to tell the good emails from the bad ones. To avoid missing out on the important emails, it is imperative that you manage your inbox and check email only a few times per day.

Everyone loves the convenience of emails. You can send and receive information in a matter of seconds without having to pick up a phone or wait for the mailman. What better way to conduct business, reach out to friends and family members, and stay connected on social media than having an active email account? However, every morning when you check email, you are likely met with an inbox filled with information. So before you go into information overload, delete emails that are important, or simply give up on having an active account altogether, here are some effective ways to manage your emails.

Reduce the Volume of Emails You Receive

Chances are you don't read through every email message that comes to your inbox. When you see emails from unwanted sites, instead of simply deleting them consider unsubscribing from their mailing lists. If you are interested in the emails but feel that they send too many in a day, see if there are ways for you to alter how much mail or what types of emails you receive from the sender. This will drastically reduce the amount of unwanted emails you have coming into your mailbox on the day to day basis. Also, anything that you feel could have viruses or simply be spam, label them as such so that they can be filtered from important emails that you need to review.

Label Your Emails

There are some email companies such as Gmail that allow you to create labels or filters for your inbox. This will allow you to easily spot the emails you're interested in and avoid the ones you're not. On the weekends when you get ready to check email, take a moment and create labels for your emails. It might take you a moment to get everything labeled, but once it is done you will find it much easier to sort through your inbox on the daily basis.

Use More than One Email Account

Everyone should consider having an email that is for personal use and one that is for business. This eliminates the overages of emails you will get coming in. Personal email accounts can be used for opt-ins that you've signed up for such as blogs, newsletters, and even coupon or discount sites. This would also be the email address that you use for communicating with your friends and family members. A business email address would be used for business reasons only. Communicating with co-workers or clients, business publications that you've signed up to receive, and anything related to business matters.

These are just a few tips on how you can get a grasp on the influx of emails you have coming into your inbox each day. With any luck you will be well on your way to only receiving emails that interest you or are of importance. That way when you check email it will take all of ten minutes instead of an hour.

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