How To Set Up ATT Email On iPhone/iPad

A Simple Guide to Set Up ATT Email on iPhone/iPad

One of the greatest reasons to get a smart phone is to ensure that you'll receive your emails wherever you are. It'll be very convenient especially in times of emergencies wherever you are. It's so compact and the fastest way to contact your client even though you're not on your computer. Though, it'll be unattainable if you're not aware on how to use your att email on iphone.

1) With you iPhone, go to "Settings" then "Mail"

How To Set Up ATT Email On iPhone/iPad

How To Set Up ATT Email On iPhone/iPad

2) Choose "Add Account"

How To Set Up ATT Email On iPhone/iPad

3) Then select "Other"

How To Set Up ATT Email On iPhone/iPad

4) Next, select "Pop"

5) Type your information for "Name, Address and Description"

6) The one you will use for "Incoming Mail Server, Host Name": ([pop.att.yahoo.com]), "Username": youremail@att.net, "Password": Whatever it might be.

7) And for "Outgoing Mail Server, the Hostname": [(smtp.att.yahoo.com]) "Password": Whatever it might be.

8) Proceed by clicking "Advanced"

9) Beneath the "Incoming Settings" make sure "Use SSL" is on "Autentication" is Password and "Server Port" is 995.

10) Beneath the "Outgoing Settings" make sure "Use SSL" is on, "Authentication" is Password and "Server Port" is 465.

After obtaining these information, use the following steps to set up that account

Here's a video tutorial on Setting Up Your Email Account Using iPad/iPhone

If it's your first time to use your email account using your iPhone, you're allowed to manage multiple email accounts right away from your iPhone. It'll give you access to all of your accounts.

You can also use your ATT account on any Email client, like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Apple Mail. The following information are to be used to set up the account.

It's easy to fix your email address using your wireless device. Making you stay connected wherever you are.

Another way fix your email

1) Visit the Device How-To Center

2) Select the device, your brand and model

3) Select Email

4) Select Set up email to view instructions for most email providers.

Setting up your email on your iPad or iPhone is rather easy as long as you're knowledgeable and you have the information you need. One that will serve as your guide.

You also need to see which incoming mail server you're using (if it's iMap or POP.) Your SMTP as well. If you're not aware what those are, try to call your phone service provider to ask for your email address (another way is to ask for aid in their online support.) Oftentimes, these servers are mail@domain.com, the address located on the right side of the @ sign, like aol.com or yahoo.com. You're always free to guess, but it wouldn't work if it's wrong. Asking is always the best option to assure if it'll work or not.

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