How To Set Up Comcast Email

How To Set Up Comcast Email

Having an email account nowadays is as equally important as having a cell phone that does the laundry for you, or at least one that can fetch you some internet connection; most especially for professionals and business oriented individuals. There's just so much option in the context of email providers to choose from, making it very easy to acquire - much easier and cheaper than a buying piece of candy, like seriously; of course provided that you have internet is accessible. With the wide array of providers offering free emails, acquiring one is not even close to becoming a dilemma, getting a secured and feature filled one is. And that's where Comcast Email comes in.

What is Comcast email?

Comcast is an all in one telecommunication provider; offering a range of communication services from the traditional phone line to internet, add up cable TV and cellular phones to that. As part of Comcast’s relentless strife towards delivering a top notch service, they have evolved into a brand called Xfinity. Basically, Comcast is also known as Xfinity now.

Going back to the subject, Comcast email is a complementary email account to their subscribers, which would serves as two things: a member ID that could grant subscribers the access to log on to Comcast’s online portal and manage their subscribed services and account online; also, the very own personal email add of subscribers. They could either log on to it through the Comcast’s web portal, or through client mails such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Applemail and the likes.

Getting a Comcast email

Unlike most of the free email accounts given out to everyone in cyberspace, Comcast emails is nothing like those. Apparently, in order to acquire an email from Comcast, having an active service with the company is a pre-requisite. The initial registration process alone would require subscribers to enter their account number, for them to kick start their feat to create a Comcast email. If you have one though, feel free to visit this portal and hit the register button: www.Comcast.net/smartzone/‎

Client Mail Settings

Client mails are computer programs that enable a user to load up their emails straight to their computer's system or hard drive. To name some of these common computer programs they're as follows:

Microsoft Outlook
Mozilla Thunderbird
Windows Live
Apple Mail

Setting up your Comcast email to work with these client mail software’s would require Comcast specific configurations. Primarily the incoming and outgoing server of the provider coupled with their respective port numbers. There's only but a few configuration tweaks that you need, in order for a Comcast mail to run on your client mail. These Comcast specific configuration are the following:

Incoming mail server should be set to POP3 and the server address should be mail.Comcast.net
Outgoing mail server should be set to SMTP with a server address of smtp.Comcast.net

Then put a check mark or enable the server authentication for outgoing mail server. Once the configurated stated above are set, you're good to go with your Comcast mail on your client mail program.

Comcast email for iPhone

With the reign of the iPhone in Today's time, it is basically packed with everything that the average modern man needs; yes, that includes a Comcast email. Apparently, iPhone has its own client mail software called the Applemail. Same as with the standard computer's client mail, it requires Comcast specific configuration. Good news is, these configurations are pretty much the same as with any client mail's configuration. You can refer to above's settings if you don’t know your way around your iPhone's Comcast email configuration.

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