How To Set Up Gmail Email On iPhone/iPad

Learn the Easy ways to Set Up Gmail Email on iPhone/iPad

Having access to your Gmail email is an important function of any iPhone or iPad device. However, accessing and setting up your Gmail account for the first time may be a challenge. For instructions on how to access your Gmail email through the Apple Mail icon or setting up a Google Apps Gmail Account continue reading.

Access Gmail in iPhone or iPad Mail using IMAP and Apple Mail:

1. Make sure IMAP access is enabled in Gmail:

Enabling IMAP access allows your Gmail account to be accessed by numerous email programs and mobile devices. While emails can be opened via a web browser, having access to your emails, folders and contacts from a desktop application is much easier. To enable IMAP log into your Gmail account and choose SETTINGS from the menu bar. Click the tab enabled FORWARDING and POP/IMAP and select ENABLE IMAP. Be sure to click SAVE CHANGES.

How To Set Up Gmail Email On iPhone/iPad

2. From your iPhone/iPad go to your settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Maneuver to the ACCOUNTS tab and select the icon for adding a new email account:

How To Set Up Gmail Email On iPhone/iPad

A number of email providers may be presented to choose from. Be sure to select Google or Gmail.

How To Set Up Gmail Email On iPhone/iPad

4. Follow the prompts on the screen of your Apple device:

First, you will be asked to enter your full name in the space provided. After doing that, enter your full Gmail email address under EMAIL ADDRESS. To ensure that the account is set up correctly do not just type in your username. Instead, include @gmail.com at the end of your username. In the next line, enter your Gmail password. Be sure to pay attention to capitalization as the password is case sensitive. Your iPhone/iPad will ask for a description of the email account. Most users choose to label the account Gmail or use the default setting of Google Mail.

How To Set Up Gmail Email On iPhone/iPad

5. Click CREATE:

If the information has been submitted correctly your iPhone/iPad should sync with your existing Gmail account.

6. Press the HOME button:

To ensure that your iPhone/iPad is receiving google mail try sending a message from a different desktop, laptop or another mobile device.

How To Set Up Gmail Email On iPhone/iPad

Access a Google Gmail App Account in iPhone Mail:

1. Make sure POP access is enabled:
Follow the above instructions for enabling IMAP, but select ENABLE POP instead.

2. Open Settings and Select Mail:

  • Select ADD ACCOUNT and click OTHER. Make sure POP is selected and follow the onscreen prompts. Your Apple device will ask for your name, gmail email address and a description.


  • For INCOMING MAIL SERVER enter pop.gmail.com for host name. Next type the word RECENT followed by your email address. Example: recent:username@email provider.com. Enter your full Gmail password.


  • For OUTGOING MAIL SERVER type smtp.gmail.com for the host name. Under user name enter your full gmail address.

3. Press SAVE and return to the home screen of your device.

Gmail for mobile for iPhone and Android

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