How To Set Up Outlook Email On iPhone/iPad

How to Set Up Outlook Email on iPhone/iPad Using Exchange ActiveSync

If you are like most people, it is likely that the most convenient aspect of your Smartphone or device is its capacity to help you keep in touch with your email contacts on the go. You will therefore find this guide on how to set up Outlook email on iPhone/iPad using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync web app quite useful.

When you set up a Microsoft Exchange email account on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch; you will be able not only to synchronize and read your emails but your contacts and calendar will be synchronized as well. Here are directions on how to do it using ActiveSync:

1. On your Apple device's home screen, tap Settings and choose the Mail, Contacts, Calendar option

2. Tap Add Account and then tap on the Microsoft Exchange icon on top of the list. You will be presented with a screen with five fields: Email, Domain, Username, Password and Description

3. Fill in your full email address in the Email field and also complete the Username and Password fields. You do not have to tap anything in the Domain field. The Description field is completely optional and only required if you have several mail inboxes to configure in which case you can type some descriptive label for each account.

4. On the top right corner of your device's screen, tap the green button named Next. ActiveSync will then attempt to detect the appropriate settings for your Microsoft Exchange account using the information you provided in step 3 above.

NOTE: If ActiveSync is unable to automatically detect the settings for your account; then you will have to enter the ActiveSync server name manually. Jump to the "How to find your Exchange ActiveSync Server Name" section below and enter it in the empty textbox.

5. If ActiveSync managed to find your email settings, click next and you will be directed to a screen showing the information the app is set to sync. By default, ActiveSync will be set to synchronize your email inbox, calendar and contacts. If you do not want to sync your calendar or contacts (makes sense if you only read email on your device and do not reply or schedule any tasks) you can tap the appropriate icon to toggle off the functionality.

NOTE: if you have not set up a numeric passcode for your iPad or iPhone, you will be prompted to enter one at this stage. Without a valid passcode, you will not be able to read your emails, access the contacts or calendar as well. You may however tap Continue and set up a passcode later in the Settings menu.

How to Find your Exchange ActiveSync Server Name:

1. Sign in to your email account using the Outlook Web App

2. Tap Options and then select See All Options > My Account > Settings for IMAP, POP and SMTP Access

3. Under the POP Settings label, look at the value depicted in the server name text box

NOTE: If the POP server name depicted above is in the "podxxxxx.outlook.com" format: then your ActiveSync server name will depend on the version of iOS operating system running on your device:

- If your device is running iOS 3.x, then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is the POP server name depicted above

- If your device is running iOS 4.x or 5.x, then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is 'm.outlook.com'

VIDEO: Set Up Microsoft Exchange E-Mail on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

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