How to Set Up Roadrunner Email

How to Set Up Roadrunner Email?

Bright House Networks is redoubtably one of the biggest cable TV providers in the US. The company is operated and owned by Advance/Newhouse, rooting from Syracuse, New York. To date, Bright House has become the seventh largest cable operator and the second largest in Florida, the main area it services. In order to cater to the needs of subscribers from California, Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Indiana and Florida, the company has provided an email support system through Road Runner, which is also catered by Time Warner Cable. To learn more about the email service, carry on reading.

What is Road Runner Email?

As mentioned, Road Runner is the webmail system of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. It offers veritable convenience to subscribers from the variety of states and cities the company provides services to. Aside from being a mere point of support system, it tends to be versatile in its own ways. First of all, registering for a Road Runner account means to create your very own username and password—for what purposes? To be able to log in to the Bright House Networks site, thus the capability of paying your bills online, updating your subscription, leafing through their bundle offers that you can shop for such as the latest video phones, laptops, TV systems they offer tied up with Lightning High Speed Internet and the long list goes on. Another use of it is to be able to submit inquiries to Time Warner Cable regarding any concerns you may have. Apart from that, Road Runner can become a standalone web based mailing system on its own, bolstered with the following features:

- Email storage that runs from 100MB and up to 5GB if you upgrade to a premium subscription
- Dozens of online mailboxes
- Spam controlling capabilities
- An innovative online address book
- Secure e-mail exchange
- User authentication protocols
- A full parental control system

How do I get signed up to Road Runner?

There are three ways you can get registered to Road Runner? The best option would depend on what cable TV and internet company you are attached to, whether it's Bright House or Time Warner. Or, you can directly visit the Road Runner site to simply set up an e-mail from it. So basically, your first to options is to sign up through either of the companies mentioned. Your third option is to visit the Road Runner website rr.com. On another note, you can also visit help.rr.com for an overview and any upgrades that you can opt into, as well. Once you are set up with a Road Runner email, you will need to specify the city of which you are located, that you have indicated while filling out the details; webmail.nyc.rr.com, for instance.

Roadrunner Email on iPad and iPhone

Now, let's be eye-on with this one. On your iPad or iPhone, select Settings, and then click on 'Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.' Either selects Add Account or Select Existing RR Email if you have already set up one. Move on to 'Other' and then 'Add Mail Account' to fill out the necessary details such as your name, RR e-mail address, password, and the description at the tail end of it. After that, click 'Next' and select 'POP' to fill out details into the Outgoing and Incoming Mail Server. For the Incoming Mail Server Host, you should put pop-server. (City you are registered to).rr.com like pop-server.nyc.rr.com. Enter your username/e-mail and password, entering port 110 to set off the Secure Server if need be. The same drill goes for the Outgoing Mail Server, except that you use port 587 for setting off the Secure Server or SSL. Click on 'Save' and you should be good to go.

Road Runner Email Access through an Android Phone

Setting the email up for an Android is rather easier. Go to the E-mail app on your phone and then fill out the username and password to enter the Manual Set Up page. Select the POP3 account, enter your Road Runner Email and password again, followed by the POP3 Server, which goes like pop-server.ec.rr.com. The letters before rr.com varies depending on your location. Next, enter this: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com and select 25 as the Port while choosing 'none' for the kind of security encryption needed. Enter your RR e-mail address along with your password again, and then enter what name you would love displayed on outgoing mails from your end. Click 'Done' and voila! You’re done, of course.

Hope this helped. Enjoy your Road Runner Email experience!

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