What is Email Notifier

What is Email Notifier?

Emails nowadays are pretty much as essential as our hand held cell phones, where information is delivered on the fly, as it happens. Apparently for professionals who make intensive use of multiple emails in doing business, acknowledging an email as soon as they arrive can be such a chore; not to mention perplexing. With so much distraction and work that could take off the individual's attention from their email's work space, failing to notice new emails can be effortless. And sometimes, acknowledging an email as soon as they enter the inbox can mean beating a deadline or losing a client.

We can blame the modern computer's lack of notification ability for that matter, despite the relentless technological advancement that has landed on smartphones. If that's not the case though, if you're just giddy to get email notifications in your computer as how you get SMS in your phones, an email notifier is probably just what you might be looking for.

What is an Email Notifier?

Despite the continuous innovation of technology, which even paved way to a number senseless devices; the existence of a feature in web or clients mails that could alert users of an incoming email is still nil, not natively available at least. Yes, it is somewhat frustrating to think despite the cutting edge smart phones that we have now that could literally shout at us whenever a text message arrive, our emails still can't. However though, many applications, has been developed to deliver this neglected feature to everyone in the market needing or wanting it. And that is in the form of email notifiers.

Aside from the "notification" feature that an email notifier provides, it also boasts the following features, making every user's email experience seemless:

Email Management Feature

It does not only allow users to receive notifications as a new email happens, but also it can take them to their email accounts with just a single click. Another one click that this application takes pride of is its capability to make every user's navigation from one email account to another with ease - it just takes a single click. Some of its pre-installed features are shortcuts to different emails tasks like composing new emails, uploading attachments and one click access to a wide array of email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and etc.). Basically this takes a user's email experience to a whole new level, where ease and functionality is still as efficient.

Customize Update Interval

This feature enables users to set a designated span of time for them to be notified of a new activity in their email, say - a new message?

Audio and Visual Notifier

What better way to alert you that your boss have just sent you an email than to make your computer make noise like your alarm clock does. On top of that, if the audio notification isn't really enough to get your attention, surely a visual notification will do.

Email Notifiers

Notification from Gmail accounts are not really easily ready for use. For some unknown reasons, Google hasn't integrated this feature straight to the core of every Gmail account. However though, its developers managed to create a notification feature. However a certain application needs to be downloaded from the web for this to run completely on your computers and that is Google notifier for Windows.

A lot of us may not know, but Yahoo Mail actually has a notification feature that can be set from deep within its configuration page. Once you have logged in, simply go to preferences and set the notification from the Alerts and Sounds option.

Microsoft outlook is already equipped with a visual notifier; a small preview screen will pop up at the bottom right part of the computer's screen as a new message arrives. However though, if that isn't enough, there are many outlook notifiers that can be downloaded from the web which pretty much functions outside a browser.

Email Notification Bar

Without any second thoughts, it is indeed taxing to constantly check on your emails (emphasis on the "s"), especially if you make use all of them at the same time. Downloading an email notifier toolbar on your web browser though can take the task to a whole new level of easy. Inboxeasy.com offers free email notification toolbars straight to your web browser, may it be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Email notifier toolbars can basically make it a lot easier to juggle multiple emails all at the same time.

You can easily download it from www.inboxeasy.com. It comes with a straight forward and user friendly interface, no registration needed and the installation is fairly simple. Manage your email now with just a push of a button by downloading this email notification toolbar.

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