Yahoo SMTP Server

How to Find Yahoo SMTP Server

Sometimes, managing emails trough a browser is not as convenient as an email client. Yahoo still manages to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading email providers but not everyone is happy with their browser version. Fortunately it is possible to configure the email on various clients which offers quite a few perks but in order to get it to work; the SMTP server details and configuration are required.

How to Find Yahoo SMTP Server

Sadly, there is no easy way to get the server details. Not even a simple nslookup for mail.yahoo.com will not return the server name. To find all the details a lot of patience is required. Yahoo did not make it easy to get all the details. Searching for SMTP in their help search bar will not return any relevant results. All the articles cover troubleshooting and error messages.

It is possible to find these details by following a few steps and there are two possible options depending on the type of configuration required which can be with a POP server or an IMAP server. To be noted that SMTP servers are used in both scenarios as outgoing servers while POP and IMAP are used for incoming messages.

1. Go to http://help.yahoo.com

2.a. IMAP

In the search area type “IMAP Server Settings” and click on the first result. It will open a new help page that will contain all the required settings including the Yahoo SMTP server, ports, security protocol and authentication details.

2. b. POP

In the search area type “POP server settings for Yahoo Mail”. Click on the first result and open the help article. Like with the IMAP help file, it will contain all the required details that should be needed to configure the email in a stand-alone client.

2. c. Business SMTP Server

In the search area type “POP server settings for Yahoo Mail”. On this document page, right beneath the header, a link for Business Mail POP settings. Following the link will open a new document that contains different server names.

In both cases the Yahoo SMTP server has the same name. It is smtp.mail.yahoo.com but depending on the incoming server, the protocol needed might be different. For POP, the SMTP server required TLS while for IMAP it needs SSL.

Additional Notes

Using the details found on the help documents provided by Yahoo ensures that the information is both accurate and constantly updated. If by any chance Yahoo will change the server name of their SMTP service, the new details will be found there. Also, the ones that have a business email address provided by Yahoo will need a different SMTP server name.

Basically there are two SMTP servers offered by Yahoo:

Smtp.mail.yahoo.com for regular users

Smtp.bizmail.yahoo.com for paying users

The above mentioned methods are the only way to obtain accurate and complete details of the SMTP server configuration. Calling the ISP will not help. Also, taking the information from other forums does not guarantee that it is correct.

As an additional tip, it is important to check if TLS is enabled. In most cases, SSL protocols should work perfectly but TLS access needs to be verified as users that use a router or switch to distribute internet access to their devices.

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