Gmail to Check Your Mail

Gmail to Check Your Mail

If you would like the convenience of using Gmail to check your mail from accounts outside Google, it is extremely easy to set this up. In this article, we will give you the exact steps it takes to sync all of your email accounts with your Gmail account for quick convenience.

Step 1: Go to your Gmail account and click on the gear symbol icon with the down arrow. It is located in the upper right hand side of the page, right next to your Gmail username. After clicking, you will see a drop down menu. Select “Mail Settings” from this menu.

Step 2: After clicking “Mail Settings” you will arrive at the Settings screen with many options. Your setting screen will default to “General“. From this menu, click “Accounts and Import“. At this menu, you can change your account settings, configure Gmail to send an email from another email address and import other email contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and other webmail clients. To add your account, click “Add a POP3 mail account you own“. This will begin the configuration wizard.

Step 3: The Email Configuration Wizard

The wizard will first ask you for the email address that you would like to add to Gmail. Enter in the email address you want to add and click “Next Step”. After proceeding to the next screen, the wizard will ask for your password and your POP3 server information.

Currently, the mail server information should be populated. For example, if you are adding an AOL email address, in the POP3 Server field, it should display ““. If this is a domain that you own, this field will display ““. If it is incorrect, just change this field to your correct POP Server settings. If you are unsure, you can contact your hosting provider and they will give you this information. Be sure to ask for the correct port information too.

After your POP server information is checked, you will have other options on this screen. One helpful option to check is “Label incoming messages“. When you check this option, you can create a custom label. This is helpful if you are adding more than 1 email address to your Gmail account. Once you are finished on this screen, click “Add Account”.

Step 4: After clicking, “Add Account“, Gmail will test for permission from your POP3 server with the details you provided. If successful, your mail account will be added and you will have the option of being able to send an email from your Gmail account from your other email address or you can deny this option. If you decline, it can always be changed later. If you choose “No”, click “Finish” to exit the wizard. If you choose yes, proceed to step 5.

Step 5: The last step is choose if you would prefer to send your email from Gmail, which is easier to set up or through the SMTP server at your added email address. If you choose the SMTP option, just enter in your password and an email will be sent to your email to confirm this option. If you are on a device where you cannot click the confirmation link, you can also enter in your verification code.

Following these 5 steps will successfully use Gmail to check your mail for any account. You can also add other Gmail accounts to one single email account by clicking “Add another account” on the “Account and Import” menu from step 2. If you choose this option, only Gmail accounts can be added.