How to Set up Email

How to Set up Email?

It is without a doubt that AT&T is among leading contenders in America’s telecommunication scene; it has provided unmatched services from landline and cell phone service, internet connectivity to state of the art cable television (Uverse). Every customer that they cater are not only provided with cutting edge service, but also a member ID in a form of an email; this can basically allow customers to take their AT&T experience to the vast domains of the world wide web, giving them the capability to manage their accounts and services’ feature.

What is an email?

An Email can be these two things, or both.

1.) It serves as a member ID of a customer, so that they can manage their account online (as mentioned above). Apparently, it’s a customer’s user id log in on AT&T’s online portal. In-depth discussion about that one will be tackled below.

2.) It is an email address that customers can actually make us of; provided that a customer is subscribed to AT&T’s products and services.

Same as all of AT&T provided emails like,, and the etc, an email is still powered by Yahoo!. Basically, emails uses Yahoo mail’s interface and platform with a touch of AT&T feel and some premium tweaks that a regular Yahoo mail doesn’t really possess.

How to Sign up for an AT&T email?

There are two ways to get an email: One is by subscribing to one of their services, it could either be the phone services alone, DSL, wireless phone or Uverse. For customers who are subscribed to any of AT&T’s internet services (either Uverse or DSL), part of the activation process to make the service work is by registration online. And part of the registration process is creating a member ID, which would also serve as an email address for customers. For customers not subscribed to any internet service though, contact AT&T’s customer service or technical support team for them to create a member ID/email on their end.

AT&T Email Settings

For customers wanting to do away with webmail and load up their emails straight to their computer’s hard drive, with the use of client mails like Outlook as such; some configurations are required, and these are the following:

Incoming server: POP3, and port number 995
Outgoing server: SMTP, and port number 465

These configurations work can be applied to all client mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live, Apple Mail and etc. It also works for smartphones like Android and iPhone. Email Log In

For customers who find client mail software too complex and just have a straightforward email experience; they can just log on to AT&T’s webmail portal powered by Yahoo! The website’s address is or Either way, those two URL’s would take the customers to a page which is familiar to all of us, may you be an AT&T or non-AT&T customer – A page, but with a touch of AT&T’s goodness this time. Apparently, being a yahoo powered email; AT&T has integrated the interface of the pioneer in provisioning free emails – Yahoo! What better way for AT&T to provide their customers with the best email experience, than to have it done by the leading brand in this arena.