How To Set Up Verizon Email On iPhone/iPad

9 Easy Steps to Set Up Verizon Email on iPhone/iPad

Steps on how to set up Verizon Email on iPhone/iPad:

1) From the home screen of your iPhone, start by tapping the ‘Settings’

2) Proceed to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ tab. Select it.

3) Select the ‘Add Mail Account’ tab

4) Tap the ‘Other’ tab and the ‘Add Account’ tab will show a list of choices such as; Microsoft Exchange, mobileme, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol.

5) Follow these steps when filling up the information:

  • (Name): Your full name should be entered in this field. This is that name that will appear when you send emails from this account.
  • (Address): In the address field, you must enter your full Verizon email address.

Note: If you forgot your username, you can still retrieve it online visit

  • (Password): In the password field, enter your password. It is the password that is exclusively assigned to your Verizon username.

Note: If you forgot your password, you can still retrieve it online visit

  • (Description): Your description field may be automatically created with the name Verizon. It depends on the version of your iPhone Software. You can also change the description depending on your personal preferences.
  • (Next) Once complete, tap the ‘Next’ button located on the upper right of your screen. It may take a few seconds when it verifies your email settings. Wait for it to finish.

6) The Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server of your iPhone software might have been already added. It usually depends on the version of your software.

Although, these setting might need some revisions because of the portal partner you’re using. (Verizon Support Page)

You should confirm that ‘‘ is listed as Host Name beneath the Incoming Mail Server section. If the Incoming Mail Server has not been set as ‘‘, you can correct it by simply tapping the field.

  • Yahoo! Customer: Tap the Host Name Field and input, ‘‘ as your Host Name.
  • MSN Customer: Tap the Host Name Field and input, ‘’ as your Host Name

There’s a possibility that your Outgoing Mail Server is already listed as ‘‘ in the SMTP section. Although, the proceeding steps will help you make the changes in order to send emails.

  • Verizon portal partner: You will need to modify your Outgoing Mail Server as well by simply tapping the SMTP field.

Tap the ‘Advanced’ tab, make sure that ‘Use SSL’ is turned ‘ON’ and ‘Server Port: 995’

7) If your other email accounts are already set up, a list of services on your iPhone will be flashed on your screen. You can also ignore those if you want.

Tap the ‘Primary Sever’ tab (

8) If your “Host Name” is not ‘’ correct it by simply clicking the ‘Host Name’ and correct the outgoing server information.

  • Yahoo! Customer:
    Host Name:
  • MSN Customer:
    Host Name:
    note: Ensure that “Use SSL” is turned ON

Tap the “Server Port” field.

9) A: Server Port: 465
note: ‘Use SSL’ must be ‘On’

B: Click done on the the upper right of your screen.

It’s as simple as that!

Confirm that your settings are precise and you have a working data connection.