How to Set Up Email

How to Set Up Email?

Accessing Internet on your mobile phone devices has become highly popular these days whether for business or for personal use. email is available to subscribers using Verizon cell phones. Through this mail account, you can check your emails anytime, anywhere. In order to avail this high useful service it is necessary to pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis. Now you can easily link your permanent and personalized mail addresses with your Verizon account and View or reply to any message.

What is email?

Verizon email allows users to access emails including AIM, Yahoo, AOL, and Windows Live. Those who want can even configure their pop accounts. You need to pay up a fixed subscription charge every month. Extra charges are there for sending and receiving data on your cell phone devices. Some of the brands you can access this feature besides Verizon cell phones include Motorola, LG Series, Samsung, and Nokia. With this email access, it is not necessary to remain in front of your computer 24 x 7 for viewing messages. You can remain on the go without missing any crucial information regarding your business.

How to sign up for email?

The first step towards signing up for a Verizon email account is to make it the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Their service package includes a primary account with provision for sub accounts as a standard. First, find out what kind of Internet services are available in your locality from Verizon. This can be anything from dial-up connections, high speed, or wireless access.

To get this account you need to have a Verizon compatible system. For PC users it includes Window 98, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB space on hard disk, and USB port with CD/DVD drive. Mac users require Mac Operating System X-10.3, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB space on hard disk and Ethernet Interface card 10 Base-T.

Once you have the prerequisites in place, you need to go to their official website and find out if their services are available in your area. This you can do by entering phone number. There are different service packages available. Choose the one, which seems ideal. Order online or via phone call. In time, you receive a software CD from the company containing email client that you need to install on your computer.

Set up an email account with the system installation process described in the CD provided. Complete sign up and activate the account through the login. Now you are ready to go.

How to Set Up Email on Verizon Wireless Cell Phone?

You can do this by following simple steps. First, review the email settings, specifically outgoing or incoming server settings along with port numbers. While there are cell phones, which automatic update the settings, others require manual additions. Now you can visit the Verizon website for wireless support and then find out the steps applicable for your particular phone for setting up your email account for wireless access anywhere, anytime. email offer easy installation, set up, and sign in procedures that makes managing digital correspondence a piece of cake!